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From Middle English < Old English word < Proto-Germanic *wurða- < Proto-Indo-European *werə- (to speak).

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word (plural words)

  1. (linguistics) A distinct unit of language (sounds in speech or written letters) with a particular meaning, composed of one or more morphemes, and also of one or more phonemes that determine its sound pattern.
  2. A distinct unit of language which is approved by some authority.
    • 1896, Israel Zangwill, Without Prejudice, p21
      “Ain’t! How often am I to tell you ain’t ain’t a word?”
    • 1999, Linda Greenlaw, The Hungry Ocean, Hyperion, p11
      Fisherwoman isn’t even a word. It’s not in the dictionary.
  3. Something promised.
    I give you my word that I will be there on time.
  4. News; tidings.
    Have you had any word from John yet?
  5. A discussion.
    I want to have a word with you.
  6. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) (music) Spoken-word poetry accompanied by one or two musical instruments and performed as a unit.
  7. (telegraphy) A unit of text equivalent to five characters and one space.
  8. (computing) A numerical value with a bit width native to the machine.
  9. (group theory) The written product of group elements and their inverses.
  10. (computer science) A finite string which is not a command or operator.
  11. (theology, sometimes ‘Word’) God.
  12. (theology, sometimes ‘Word’) The Bible.

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