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From Middle English lower case letter v (also written u), from Old English lower case u and respelling of Old English f between vowels and voiced consonants.

Before the 1700s, the pointed form v was written at the beginning of a word, while a rounded form u was used elsewhere, regardless of sound. So whereas valor and excuse appeared as in modern printing, have and upon were printed haue and vpon. Eventually, in the 1700s, to differentiate between the consonant and vowel sounds, the v form was used to represent the consonant, and u the vowel sound. v then preceded u in the alphabet, but the order has since reversed.

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v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. The twenty-second (22nd) letter of the English alphabet.

v or V

  1. versus
  2. Verb, see SVO
  3. verse
  4. Victim


vs or v's

v (plural vs or v's)

  1. a shape resembling the letter v
    The impact was so strong, it bent the bar into a v.


  1. in (inside, for an enclosed space) (followed by the locative case)
    On je v divadle. -- He is in the theater.
  2. at (indicating time) (followed by the accusative case)
    V šest hodin. -- At six o’clock.
  3. on (indicating a day) (followed by the accusative case)
    V pátek. -- On Friday.
  4. in (indicating a year) (followed by the accusative case)
    V roku 2007. -- In the year 2007.
  5. in (indicating a month) (followed by the locative case)
    V lednu. -- In January.

v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. The twenty-second letter of the Dutch alphabet.

v m. and f. inv.

  1. See under V

v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. (sometimes with littera'") The 20th letter of the Latin alphabet.

v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. The twenty-fourth letter of the Mapudungun alphabet.

It is a vowel.

v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. The twenty-sixth letter of the Romanian alphabet.

v (lower case, upper case V)

  1. The twenty-fifth (25th) letter of the Spanish alphabet.

The common letter names, as well as phrases like ve de vaca are used to distinguish the letter v from the letter b. This is done because the two letters represent a single phoneme in modern Spanish, causing their traditional names be and ve both to be pronounced as ['be̞ˑ].

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