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From un- +‎ digital.



  1. (nonstandard) Not digital; analog.
    • 2000, That a successful high-tech mogul could see bowling as the balm to his ennui raised hopes that bowling might begin shedding its reputation as a shrinking preserve of middle-aged, beer-bellied, hopelessly undigital people. — David Bank, Wall Street Journal 17 January 2000 [1]
    • 2002, How can the daily theft of hundreds of thousands of creative products be wholly ignored - and even technologically enabled - while the theft of even one product in the undigital world is publicly condemned? — Peter Chernin, press release 19 November 2002, News Corporation
    • 2005, I've been playing the digital disc game since 1984 and this is the best sounding player I have heard in 20+ years. It has a full warm sound that is decidedly undigital. — Audioreview.com
    • 2005, Novak and Hoffman (1998) asserted that a combination of low income and education contributed to the lack of access of a number of groups as largely identified as 'undigital'. Thus, it should be noted that simple digitizing of educational content will not necessarily address the problems faced by those who have neither the technical skills nor the ability to take part in opportunities afforded by e-learning. — Prof. Simon Rogerson & Maggie McPherson, IMIS Journal vol. 15 no. 4, ETHIcol