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definition of the word try

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From Anglo-Norman trier, from Old French, from Gallo-Romance *triare.

to try

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to try (third-person singular simple present tries, present participle trying, simple past and past participle tried)

  1. To attempt. Followed by infinitive, the attempt fails or is expected to fail.
    I tried to rollerblade, but I couldn’t.
  2. To make an experiment. Usually followed by a present participle.
    I tried mixing more white paint to get a lighter shade.
  3. To work on something.
    You are trying too hard.
  4. To put to test
    I shall try my skills on this
  5. To taste, sample, etc.
    Try this—you’ll love it.
  6. To put on trial.
    He was tried and executed.
  7. To tire.
    It was a trying experience.

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