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definition of the word tedesco

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Mediaeval Latin theodiscus from Old German theod. It is derived from Common Germanic *þeudiskaz. The stem of this word, *þeuda, meant "people" in Common Germanic, and *-isk was an adjective-forming suffix, of which ish is the Modern English form. The Old English form is þéodisc, the Old High German one diutisc (attested ca. 1090 in the Annolied).The opposite, describing anything foreign or strange, is walhisk (welsh), which was used to refer to Roman or Celtic people.

tedésco, /teˈdesko/, /te"desko/

tedesco m (f tedesca, m plural tedeschi, f plural tedesche)

  1. German; of Germany

tedesco m.

  1. German language

tedesco m. (plural tedeschi) (feminine tedesca)

  1. (male) German person

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