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definition of the word ta

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  1. (colloquial, Commonwealth, especially UK and Australia) Thanks.

The expression ta ta differs, meaning bye.

ta (long form tema) (personal)

  1. he/she


  1. chapter
  2. head (part of the body)


  1. to castrate
  2. to crawl (to move slowly on hands and knees)
  3. to neuter

Demonstrative pronoun - ávísingarfornavn
Singular (eintal) m. f. n.
Nominative (hvørfall) tann tann tað
Accusative (hvønnfall) ta ()
Dative (hvørjumfall) (tann) / teirri
Genitive (hvørsfall) tess teirrar tess
Plural (fleirtal) m. f. n.
Nominative (hvørfall) teir tær tey
Accusative (hvønnfall) teir ()
Dative (hvørjumfall) teimum
Genitive (hvørsfall) teirra

ta f. sg. (demonstrative)

  1. that, accusative singular female form of tann

ta f. (m. ton)

  1. (possessive of tu) your

ta (hiragana )

  1. : hiragana letter ta
  2. : katakana letter ta

ta (long form täma) (personal)

  1. he/she


  1. that

ta (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. (Beginning Mandarin) he; him
  2. (Beginning Mandarin) other; another

ta (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. (Beginning Mandarin) (inanimate object) it; other

ta (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. she; her

ta (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. (animal) it; he; she

ta (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. (deity) He
  1. ta shi shei? "Who is she/he?"
    ta zhengzai Zhongguo lüxing. "She/he is touring China."
    ta xiang zuo kuaijishi. "She/he wants to be an accountant."
    ta jingchang yu bieren fasheng zhenglun. "She/he often gets into an argument with others."
    ta shi yige chéngshí de haizi.She/he is an honest child.
    (tā shì yīge chéngshí de háizi. — 她/他是一个诚实的孩子.)


  1. A transliteration of any of a number of Chinese characters properly represented as having one of four tones, , , , or .

English transcriptions of Chinese speech often fail to distinguish between the critical tonal differences employed in the Chinese language, using words such as this one without the appropriate indication of tone.

From Germanic *taihwōn. Cognate with Middle Dutch tee (Dutch tee), Old High German zēha (German Zeh, Zehe), Old Norse (Swedish ).

f. (plural tān)

  1. toe


  1. is

ta f.

  1. (demonstrative) this (nearby, feminine)

Singular Plural
Nominative ta te
Genitive tej tych
Dative tej tym
Accusative () te
Instrumental tymi
Locative tej tych

Latin tuus


  1. feminine singular form of tău.
    Dani are cartea ta
    Dani has your book.

Common Oceanian, compare Maori tahi


  1. (cardinal) one

ta m. and f. (neuter to)

  1. this

Conjugations of ta
Infinitive ta
Present tense tar
Past tense tog
Supine tagit
Imperative ta
Present participle tagande
Past participle tagen


  1. take; to grab and move to oneself
  2. to bring (along); to carry
  3. steal
    Inbrottstjuven hade tagit allting.
    The burglar had taken everything.
  4. take; catch
    Inbrottstjuven togs genast.
    The burglar was taken immediately.
  5. take (control over)
  6. take; make use of
    Karl tar cykeln till jobbet.
    Karl takes the bike to work.
  7. take, pick; to choose
    Vilket alternativ tar du?
    Which option do you choose?
  8. take; to manage; to be able to handle
  9. take; to endure
  10. take; to ingest a medicine or a drug
  11. take (a course); to enroll
  12. take (a test)
  13. administer (a test)
  14. take; remove one of the opponents pieces (in certain kind of board games, such as chess)
  15. take; beat; be victorious
  16. (reflexive) to start burning
  17. (reflexive) to burn more intensely or hotter; to go from embers into open flames
  18. (reflexive) (about a plant) take; thrive, persist
  19. take; to have sex with forcefully
  20. accept (as means of payment)
    Tar ni kort här?
    Do you accept credit cards?
  21. take, to last (an amount of time)
    Resan tar en timme.
    The trip will take an hour.

to grab

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