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From Old Norse .


  1. toe
f26 Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative táin tær tærnar
Accusative tánna tær tærnar
Dative tánni tóm tónum
Genitive táar táarinnar táa táanna

From Old Norse þá.

  1. then

  1. when

  1. a syllable used in solfège to represent the quarter note as a rhythm, usually accompanied by clapping

From Old Norse .

f. (genitive singular táar, plural tær)

  1. toe

From Old Irish attá < Proto-Celtic *ad-tāyo- (compare Welsh taw (is)) < Proto-Indo-European *steh₂- (stand)

  • (Munster, Connacht) IPA: [t̪ˠɑː]
  • (Donegal) IPA: [t̪ˠæː]

  1. Independent present indicative analytic of .

Used with a noun or pronoun (in the standard language, , , , sibh, siad or their emphatic equivalents) as the subject.

  • táim (1st person sing. synthetic)
  • táir, taoi (2d person sing. synthetic, nonstandard)
  • táimid (1st person pl. synthetic)
  • táid (3d person pl. synthetic, nonstandard)
  • táthar (autonomous)
  • atá (direct relative)
  • fuil (dependent)
  • bíonn (present habitual)


  1. toe

  • Danish: c.
  • Faroese: f.
  • Icelandic: f.
  • Norwegian: c.
  • Swedish: c.

Also '

  1. is

This is a contracted form of está, verb to be, in the spoken language, and can occur to other persons: : I am; tamos: We are; tão, also an adverb of quantity: they are (or, as an adverb, so, as, that).

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