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store +‎ -ful


storeful (plural storefuls or storesful)

  1. An amount that fills a store.
    • 1912, Merchants Record and Show Window - Volumes 30-31, page 39:
      Nationals guard a million storesful of employes from temptation.
    • 1960, Leo Alfred Lerner, The Italics are Mine, page 144:
      A storeful of books is a storeful of ideas, adventure, excitement and beauty.
    • 1990, William G. Tapply, Opening Day and Other Neuroses, page 98:
      At the appointed hour, with the assistant manager holding a stopwatch and a storeful of patrons to cheer her on, she was given a shopping cart and five minutes to fill it with anything she wanted from the shelves.
    • 1996, Wally Lamb, She's Come Undone, →ISBN, page 356:
      That very morning, Mr. Lamoreaux had forced a skinny old shoplifter to empty three tins of Underwood deviled ham spread from his pockets onto my conveyor belt in front of a whole storeful of customers.
    • 2011, Marjorie Sandor, The Late Interiors: A Life Under Construction, →ISBN:
      I steel myself for the reality of no swallows and storefuls of swallow kitsch.
    • 2011, Rose Tremain, Sadler's Birthday, →ISBN, page 53:
      But I tell you what you've got a storeful of when you're old – the past.