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definition of the word space

by the Wiktionnary

From Old French espace.


countable and uncountable; spaces

space (countable and uncountable; plural spaces)

  1. The intervening contents of a volume.
  2. (uncountable) Space occupied by or intended for a person or thing.
  3. (countable) An area or volume of sufficient size to accommodate a person or thing.
  4. a while.
  5. The volume beyond the atmosphere of planets that consists of a relative vacuum.
  6. The volume beyond the Kármán line that lies 100km above mean sea level of the Earth.
  7. A gap between written characters; blank.
  8. (typography) A piece of type used to separate words.
  9. (geometry) A set of points, each of which is uniquely specified by a set of coordinates; the number of coordinates specifying a point and the number of mutually perpendicular axes along which the coordinates lie are the same, and that is the number of dimensions of the space.
  10. One's personal freedom to think or be oneself.
  11. The state of mind one is in when daydreaming.
  12. (mathematics) a generalized construct or set, the members of which have certain properties in common; often used in combination with the name of a particular mathematician
  13. (Indian philosophy) One of the five basic elements.


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