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definition of the word relation

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From Anglo-Norman relacioun, from Old French relacion (cognate to French relation), from Latin relationem, accusative of relatio, noun of process form from perfect passive participle relatus (related), from verb referre (to refer, to relate), from prefix re- (again) + ferre (to bear, to carry)



relation (plural relations)

  1. The manner in which two things may be associated.
    The relation between diet and health is complex.
  2. A member of one's family.
    Yes, he's a relation of mine, but a only distant one.
  3. The act of relating a story.
    Your relation of the events is different from mine.
  4. (set theory) A set of ordered tuples.
    Equality is a symmetric relation, while divisibility is not.
  5. (databases) A set of ordered tuples retrievable by a relational database; a table.
    This relation uses the customer's social security number as a key.
  6. (mathematics) A statement of equality of two products of generators, used in the presentation of a group.

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