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definition of the word record

by the Wiktionnary

From Middle English recorden (to repeat, to report), from Old French record, from recorder. See record (verb).



record (plural records)

  1. Information put into a temporary or permanent physical medium.
    The person had a record of the event in her memory in her brain.
    The tourist's photographs and the tape of the police call provide a record of the crime.
  2. Any instance of a physical medium on which information was put for the purpose of preserving it and making it available for future reference.
    We have no record of you making this payment to us.
  3. A vinyl disc on which sound is recorded and may be replayed on a phonograph.
    I still like records better than CDs.
  4. (computing) A set of data relating to a single individual or item.
  5. The most extreme known value of some achievement, particularly in competitive events.
    The heat and humidity were both new records.
    The team set a new record for most points scored in a quarter.

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