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range (plural ranges)

  1. Line or series of mountains.
  2. Large fuel-burning stove.
  3. Selection, array. Eg: A range of cars.
  4. Area used for shooting, artillery, etc.
  5. An area of open, often unfenced, grazing land.
  6. (mathematics) The set of values (points) which a function can obtain.
  7. (statistics) The length of the smallest interval which contains all the data. It is calculated by subtracting the smallest observations from the greatest.
  8. The distance to a target, or to the subject of discussion. Reach of a detector or weapon.
    We could see the ship at a range of five miles.
    This missile has a range of 500 kilometres.
  9. (sports) (baseball) The defensive area that a player can cover.
    Jones has good range for a big man.
  10. (music) Compass - The scale of all the tones a voice or an instrument can produce.
  11. (ecology) The geographical area or zone where a species is normally naturally found.

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