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definition of the word quick

by the Wiktionnary

From Old English cwic (alive), from Proto-Germanic *kwikwa-, from Proto-Indo-European *gʷih₃u̯os (alive), from *gʷei- (to live). Cognate with Dutch kwiek, German keck, Swedish kvick; and (from Indo-European) with Ancient Greek βίος (bios), Latin vivus, Lithuanian gývas, Latvian dzivs, Russian живой (živoj), Irish biathaim (nourish).

quick (comparative quicker, superlative quickest)




  1. Moving with speed, rapidity or swiftness, or capable of doing so; rapid; fast.
    I ran to the station – but I wasn't quick enough.
    He's a quick runner.
  2. Occuring in a short time; happening or done rapidly.
    That was a quick meal.
  3. Lively, fast-thinking, witty, intelligent.
    You have to be very quick to be able to compete in ad-lib theatrics.
  4. Mentally agile, alert, perceptive.
    My father is old but he still has a quick wit.
  5. Of temper: easily aroused to anger; quick-tempered.
  6. (archaic) Alive, living.
    The quick and the dead.
  7. (archaic) Pregnant, especially at the stage where the foetus's movements can be felt; figuratively, alive with some emotion or feeling.
    She was quick with child.
  8. Of water: flowing.
  9. Burning, flammable, fiery.

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