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definition of the word pucker

by the Wiktionnary

Probable alteration of (verb) poke

to pucker

Third person singular

Simple past

Past participle

Present participle

to pucker (third-person singular simple present puckers, present participle puckering, simple past and past participle puckered)

  1. To pinch or wrinkle; to squeeze inwardly, to dimple or fold.
    1914 The conduct of the white strangers it was that caused him the greatest perturbation. He puckered his brows into a frown of deep thought. — Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan of the Apes, Chapter 13.
    1893 He had a very dark, fearsome face, and a gleam in his eyes that comes back to me in my dreams. His hair and whiskers were shot with gray, and his face was all crinkled and puckered like a withered apple. — Arthur Conan Doyle, "The Adventure of the Crooked Man".

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