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From Middle Low German and Middle Dutch plugge (Dutch plug), of unknown ultimate origin. Cognate with German Pflock.

An electrical plug
Some fishing plugs



plug (plural plugs)

  1. (electricity) A pronged connecting device which fits into a mating socket.
    I pushed the plug back into the electrical socket and the lamp began to glow again.
  2. Any piece of wood, metal, or other substance used to stop or fill a hole; a stopple.
    Pull the plug out of the tub so it can drain.
  3. (US) A flat oblong cake of pressed tobacco.
    He preferred a plug of tobacco to loose chaw.
  4. (US, slang) A high, tapering silk hat.
  5. (US, slang) A worthless horse.
    That sorry old plug is ready for the glue factory!
  6. (construction) A block of wood let into a wall to afford a hold for nails.
  7. A mention of a product (usually a book, film or play) in an interview, or an interview which features one or more of these.
    During the interview, the author put in a plug for his latest novel.
  8. (geology) A body of once molten rock that hardened in a volcanic vent. Usually round or oval in shape.
    Pressure built beneath the plug in the caldera, eventually resulting in a catastrophic explosion of pyroclastic shrapnel and ash.
  9. (fishing) A type of lure consisting of a rigid, buoyant or semi-buoyant body and one or more hooks.
    The fisherman cast the plug into a likely pool, hoping to catch a whopper.

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