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From Latin planta, later influenced by French plante.



plant (plural plants)

  1. An organism that is not an animal, especially an organism capable of photosynthesis. Typically a small or herbaceous organism of this kind, rather than a tree.
    The garden had a couple of trees, and a cluster of colourful plants around the border.
  2. (botany) An organism of the kingdom Plantae; now specifically, a living organism of the Embryophyta (land plants) or of the Chlorophyta (green algae), a eukaryote that includes double-membraned chloroplasts in its cells containing chlorophyll a and b, or any organism closely related to such an organism.
  3. (ecology) Now specifically, a multicellular eukaryote that includes chloroplasts in its cells, which have a cell wall.
  4. A factory or other industrial or institutional building or facility.
  5. An object placed surreptitiously in order to cause suspicion to fall upon a person.
    That gun's not mine! It's a plant! I've never seen it before!
  6. A person, placed amongst an audience, whose role is to cause confusion, laughter etc.
  7. (snooker) A situation in which the cue ball hits one of a pair of touching (usually red) balls, in order to pot the other; a set.
    • 2008, Phil Yates, The Times, April 28 2008:
      O’Sullivan risked a plant that went badly astray, splitting the reds.
  8. A large piece of machinery, such as used in earthmoving or road construction.

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