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definition of the word place

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From Old English plæce (open space), from Old French place, from Latin platea (plaza, wide street), from Ancient Greek πλατεία (plateia), from πλατύς (platus), wide, broad), from Proto-Indo-European *plat.



place (plural places)

  1. A location or position.
  2. An open space, courtyard, market square.
  3. A group of houses.
    They live in Westminster Place.
  4. A region of a land.
    He is going back to his native place on vacation.
  5. Somewhere for a person to sit.
    We asked the restaurant to give us a table with three places.
  6. A frame of mind.
    I'm in a strange place at the moment.
  7. (informal) A house or home.
    Do you want to come over to my place later?
  8. A role or purpose; a station.
    It is really not my place to say what is right and wrong in this case.
  9. Numerically, the column counting a certain quantity.
    three decimal places
    the hundreds place
  10. The position of a contestant in a competition.
    We thought we would win but only ended up in fourth place.
  11. The position as a member of a sports team.
    He lost his place in the national team.

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