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definition of the word old

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Old English ald, from Germanic *alđoz ‘grown-up’, originally a participle form corresponding to Latin altus. Cognate with Dutch oud, German alt.

old (comparative older or elder, superlative oldest or eldest)


older or elder

oldest or eldest

  1. Of an object, concept, relationship, etc., having existed for a relatively long period of time.
    an old abandoned building
    an old friend
  2. Of a living being, having lived for relatively many years.
    a wrinkled old man
  3. Having existed or lived for the specified time.
    How old are they? She’s five years old and he’s seven. We also have a young teen and a two-year-old.
    My great-grandfather lived to be a hundred and one years old.
  4. Former, previous.
    My new car is not as good as my old one.
    • 1994, Michael Grumley, Life Drawing
      But over my old life, a new life had formed.
  5. Obsolete; out-of-date.
    That is the old way of doing things; now we do it this way.
  6. Tiresome
    Your constant pestering is getting old.
  7. (color) Said of subdued colors, particularly reds, pinks and oranges, as if they had faded over time.

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