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definition of the word new

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From Old English nīwe, from Proto-Germanic *newjaz, from Proto-Indo-European *néwos. Germanic cognates include Dutch nieuw, German neu, Swedish and Norwegian ny. Indo-European cognates include Latin novus, Ancient Greek νέος (neos), Russian новый (nóvyj), Welsh newydd, Persian نو (no).

new (comparative newer, superlative newest)




  1. Recently made, or created.
    This is a new scratch on my car!
    The band just released a new album.
  2. Additional; recently discovered.
    We turned up some new evidence from the old files.
  3. Current or later, as opposed to former.
    My new car is much better than my previous one, even though it is older.
    We had been in our new house for five years by then.
  4. Used to distinguish something established more recently, named after something or some place previously existing.
    New Bond Street is an extension of Bond Street.
    New York is named after York.
  5. In original condition; pristine; not previously worn or used.
    Are you going to buy a new car or a second-hand one?
  6. Refreshed, reinvigorated, reformed.
    That shirt is dirty. Go and put on a new one.
    I feel like a new person after a good night's sleep.
    After the accident, I saw the world with new eyes.
  7. Young.
    My sister has a new baby, and our mother is excited to finally have a grandchild.
  8. Of recent origin; having taken place recently.
    I can't see you for a while; the pain is still too new.
    Did you see the new King Lear at the theatre?
  9. Strange, unfamiliar or not previously known.
    The idea was new to me.
    I need to meet new people.
  10. Recently arrived or appeared.
    Have you met the new guy in town?
    She is the new kid at school.
  11. Inexperienced or unaccustomed at some task.
    Don't worry that you're new at this job; you'll get better with time.
    I'm new at this business.
  12. (of a period of time) next; about to begin or recently begun
    We expect to grow at 10% annually in the new decade.

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