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definition of the word moer

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  1. nut: female screw, which fits on a bolt
    Ek draai die moer vas


  1. To hit someone very hard
    Ek gaan jou hard moer.

Contraction of moeder 'mother' by syncope of medial /d/. Compare mede vs. mee; From Middle Dutch mōder (mother)

moer f. (plural moeren, diminutive moertje, diminutive plural moertjes)

  1. (rare, archaic) mother
  2. a female screw, which fits on a bolt
  3. (informal) something (in the phrase geen moer)
    Kan me geen moer schelen.: I don't care.

From Middle Dutch moer (morass); Cognate with English moor, Old English mōr (moor, marsh)

moer f. (plural moeren)

  1. sediment formed in various alcholic drinks and vinegar; compare French: mère de vinaigre
  2. (regional) (mostly used in North Brabant) morass, marsh, peat

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  1. Alternative form of muur. chickweed

  • Dr. P.A.F. van Veen e.a., Etymologisch Woordenboek. De herkomst van onze woorden., Van Dale Lexicografie, 1989 [Dutch etymological dictionary, in Dutch]

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