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Old English mete


countable and uncountable; meats

meat (countable and uncountable; plural meats)

  1. (uncountable) Food that comes from the muscle or other part of an animal.
  2. (countable) A type of meat.
  3. Any sort of flesh.
    The apple looked fine on the outside, but the meat was not very firm.
  4. Volume or substance
    If the assembly is too flexible, we could add some more meat to the supports to stiffen it up.
  5. (figuratively) The best part of something
    We recruited him right from the meat of our competitor.
  6. (baseball) The sweet spot
    He hit it right on the meat of the bat.
  7. A meathead
    Throw it in here, meat.
  8. (Australian Aboriginal) A totem
    • 1949, Oceania, Vol. XX
      When a stranger comes to an aboriginal camp or settlement in north-western NSW, he is asked by one of the older aborigines: "What meat (clan) are you?"
    • 1973, M. Fennel & A. Grey, Nucoorilma
      Granny Sullivan was ‘dead against’ the match at first because they did not know "what my meat was and because I was a bit on the fair side."
    • 1977, A. K. Eckermann, Group Organisation and Identity
      Some people maintained that she was "sung" because her family had killed or eaten the "meat" (totem) of another group.
    • 1992, P. Taylor Tell it Like it Is
      Our family […] usually married the red kangaroo "meat".
    • 1993, J. Janson, Gunjies
      That’s a beautiful goanna. […]. He’s my meat, can’t eat him.

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