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definition of the word measure

by the Wiktionnary

< Middle English mesure < French mesure < Latin mensura (a measuring mesure a thing to measure by) < metiri, pp. mensus (to measure)



measure (plural measures)

  1. The quantity, size, weight, distance or capacity of a substance compared to a designated standard.
  2. An (unspecified) quantity or capacity :
    a measure of salt
    (A date for this quote is being sought): The unwise man never knows the measure of his stomach. — from the Hávamál
  3. The precise designated distance between two objects or points.
  4. The act of measuring.
  5. A musical designation consisting of all notes and or rests delineated by two vertical bars; an equal and regular division of the whole of a composition.
  6. A rule, ruler or measuring stick.
  7. A tactic, strategy or piece of legislation.
    He took drastic measures to halt inflation.
  8. (mathematics) A function that assigns a non-negative number to a given set following the mathematical nature that is common among length, volume, probability and the like.
  9. An indicator; Something used to assess some property.
    The average price of basic household goods is a measure for inflation.
    Honesty is the true measure of a man.

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