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definition of the word mark

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Old English mearc, from Germanic *mark- ‘boundary; boundary marker’, from Proto-Indo-European *merǵ- ‘boundary, border’. Cognate with Dutch mark, German Mark, Swedish mark; and with Latin margo ‘margin’. Compare march.



mark (plural marks)

  1. (archaic) A border or frontier.
  2. (Historic) A common, or area of common land, especially among early Germanic peoples.
  3. A stone or post used to indicate position and guide travellers.
  4. A target for shooting at with a projectile.
    • 1786, To give them an accurate eye and strength of arm, none under twenty-four years of age might shoot at any standing mark, except it was for a rover, and then he was to change his mark at every shot; and no person above that age might shoot at any mark whose distance was less than eleven score yards. — Francis Grose, A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, page 37.
  5. A marker indicating the finishing-point of a race; any goal or objective.
  6. A characteristic feature.
    A good sense of manners is the mark of a true gentleman.
  7. A written character or sign.
  8. A stamp or other indication of provenance, quality etc.
  9. (obsolete) Resemblance, likeness, image.
    • Late C14: Which mankynde is so fair part of thy werk / That thou it madest lyk to thyn owene merk. — Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘The Franklin's Tale’, Canterbury Tales
  10. An indication or sign used for reference or measurement.
  11. A score for finding the correct answer, or other academic achievement; the sum of such point gained as out of a possible total.
  12. A score for a sporting achievement.
  13. A visible impression or sign; a blemish, scratch, or stain, whether accidental or intentional.
  14. (sports) The line indicating an athlete's starting-point.
  15. (Australian rules football) A catch of the ball directly from a kick of 10 metres or more without having been touched in transit, resulting in a free kick.
  16. The intended victim of swindle, fixed game or con game.

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