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definition of the word mail

by the Wiktionnary

From Middle English male (bag, mail), from Old French male, from a Germanic source, from Proto-Indo-European *molko- (leather pouch).


countable and uncountable; mails

mail (countable and uncountable; plural mails)

  1. (uncountable) regular delivery of letters and small parcels, see also post
  2. (not used in plural form) the organisation which operates such service (e.g. in Britain the Royal Mail)
  3. (now rare) a single batch of mail picked up by such a service
    • 1823, The stranger in Liverpool; or, An historical and descriptive view of the town of Liverpool and its environs, Seventh Edition,[1] T. Kaye, page 96,
      The following are the hours at which the letter-box of this office is closed for making up the several mails, and the hours at which each mail is despatched: ¶ []
    • 1887, John Houston Merrill (editor), The American and English Encyclopædia of Law, Volume I,[2] Edward Thompson, page 121,
      If he retains the account, and permits several mails to pass without objecting to it, he will be held to have admitted its correctness.
  4. See mails.
  5. (uncountable) electronic mail, e-mail: a computer network–based service for sending, storing, and forwarding electronic messages

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