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lingua (plural linguas)

  1. A tongue.
  2. A language.

  • IPA: [ˈlinɡwa]

From Latin lingua (tongue, language).

lingua f. (plural lingue)

  1. A tongue.
  2. A language.

Old Latin dingua < Proto-Indo-European *dn̥ǵʰwéh₂s

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lingua (genitive linguae); f, first declension

  1. (anatomy) tongue
  2. A speech
  3. An utterance or expression
  4. A language
  5. A dialect, idiom or mode of speech
  6. poetically of animals: voice, note, song, bark etc.
  7. A plant (alternatively called lingulaca)
  8. The reed of the Roman tibiae
  9. A small amount of sth., e.g. "a tongue of land" or "a spoonful"
  10. The short arm of a lever
  11. vocative singular of lingua#Latin
  12. ablative singular of lingua#Latin

First declension (1).

Number Singular Plural
nominative lingua linguae
genitive linguae linguārum
dative linguae linguīs
accusative linguam linguās
ablative linguā linguīs
vocative lingua linguae

From Latin lingua (tongue, language).

lingua f (plural lingui)

  1. A tongue.
  2. A language.

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