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definition of the word hole

by the Wiktionnary

Old English hol (orifice, hollow place), from Proto-Germanic *khulaz, from Proto-Indo-European base *kel-.



hole (plural holes)

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  1. a hollow in a surface
    Get some popcorn out of that popcorn bucket hole.
  2. an opening in a solid
    There’s a hole in my bucket.
  3. a weakness, a flaw
    I have found a hole in your argument.
  4. (golf) the portion of a game in which the players attempt to hit the ball into a particular hole.
    I played 18 holes yesterday.
  5. (informal) a container or receptacle
    car hole; brain hole
  6. (physics) In semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle.
  7. (computing) A security vulnerability in software which can be taken advantage of by an exploit
  8. (anatomy, slang) An orifice, in particular the anus
  9. (informal) The place where a prisoner is kept
  10. (slang) An undesirable place to live or visit
    Don’t go there, that place is a hole!
  11. (baseball) The rear portion of the defensive seam between the shortstop and the third baseman.
    The shortstop ranged deam into the hole to make the stop.

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