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definition of the word hold_out

by the Wiktionnary

to hold out (third-person singular simple present holds out, present participle holding out, simple past and past participle held out)

  1. (transitive) To hold (something) out; to extend (something) forward.
    • 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island
      I held out my hand, and the horrible, soft-spoken, eyeless creature gripped it in a moment like a vise. I was so much startled that I struggled to withdraw; but the blind man pulled me close up to him with a single action of his arm.
  2. (idiomatic, often with for) To wait, or refuse in hopes of getting something better (from a negotiation, etc.)
    I am holding out for more money.
    How long has he been holding out?
  3. (idiomatic) To survive, endure.
    How long can they hold out without water?
  4. (idiomatic, usually with on) To withhold something.
    You've got a key! Why have you been holding out on me?
  5. (transitive) To set something aside or save it for later.
    Pack the boxes, but hold out a few blue ones for later.

hold out (plural hold outs)

  1. Alternative spelling of holdout..

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