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definition of the word heel

by the Wiktionnary

Old English hela, from Proto-Germanic *hāhil. Cognate with Dutch hiel, Swedish häl, Icelandic hæll. Compare hock.



heel (plural heels)

Heel of a loaf of rye bread
  1. (anatomy) Part of the foot on the backside where it becomes the leg.
  2. The part of a shoe's sole which supports the foot's heel.
  3. On a long firearm, the back upper part of the stock.
  4. The last or lowest part of anything; as, the heel of a mast or the heel of a vessel.
  5. (US) A crust end-piece of a loaf of bread.
  6. A contemptible, inconsiderate or thoughtless person.
  7. (nautical) The tilt of a ship to one side; also, angle of heel, the degree of such a tilt.

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