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definition of the word gerund

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From Late Latin gerundium, from Old Latin gerundum (to be carried out), the gerundive of gerere (to bear, carry). In Latin, a verbal noun used for all cases of the infinitive but the nominative.



gerund (plural gerunds)

  1. (grammar) A verbal form that functions as a verbal noun. (In English, a gerund has the same spelling as a present participle, but functions differently.)
    In the phrase ‘Walking is good exercise.’, walking is a gerund.
  2. (grammar) In some languages such as Italian or Russian, a verbal form similar to a present participle, but functioning as an adverb. These words are sometimes referred to as conjunctive participles.
    In the Russian ‘Нельзя переходить улицу читая газету.’ (One shouldn’t cross a street while reading a newspaper.), читая ‘while reading’ is a gerund.

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