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front name ‎(plural front names)

  1. (archaic) A person's given name.
    • 1897 March, Montague Stevens, “‘Front Name’ Dick”, in The Cosmopolitan, Volume XXII, Number 5, The Cosmopolitan Press (1897), page 553:
      “Well, the front name I goes by nowadays is Dick,” said he, “and as I ain’t got no partic’ler use for no more name, jes’ call me Dick. []
    • 1905–6, Margaret Wade Campbell Deland, The Awakening of Helena Richie, Harper & Brothers (1906), page 97:
      “Because, yesterday everybody said ‘Dr. Lavendar.’ I didn’t think Doctor could be your front name. All the other people had front names.”
    • 1981 January 27, Alicia Velasquez Angelo, “Careless Bilingual Student May Tell It Like It Isn't”, in Modesto Bee[1]:
      I remember one super-cool Chicano in high school who was forever trying to make movidas (time) with every female he saw. His opening line inevitably was 'girl what's your front name'.
    • 2003, Mickey Spillane, Something's Down There: A Novel - Page 11
      “Mr. Hooker, sa... Mr. Hooker, I...” “And forget the Mr., too. We're friends.” “That would not be polite. And I do not know your front name.”