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definition of the word fresh

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Rank of this word in the English language, from analyzing texts from Project Gutenberg.
walk places simple #710: fresh noble appearance period

< Middle English fresh < Old English fersc (fresh (applied to water)) < Italian fresco (fresh) < Old High German frisc (fresh)

fresh (comparative fresher, superlative freshest)




  1. New or clean.
    He put on a fresh set of clothes.
  2. Of produce, not from storage.
    I had a fresh salad made from vegetables straight out of the garden.
  3. Refreshing or cool.
    What a nice fresh breeze.
  4. Without salt (especially of water).
    The islanders drank from a fresh water spring.
  5. Rude, cheeky, or inappropriate.
    No one liked his fresh comments.
  6. Very clean, and trendy looking garments, clothes, shoes, accessories.
    Those clothes are fresh. Those shoes are fresh.
  7. (military) Rested and ready to engage with the enemy immediately.

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