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definition of the word fore-

by the Wiktionnary

Middle English from Old English fōr(e)- from Proto-Germanic *fura-, forai- (before, in front of, for) from Proto-Indo-European *per-, pr- (before, formerly; through, throughout). Akin to Old Saxon and Old High German fora-, Gothic faura-


  1. Before, in front of.

Proto-Germanic *fura- from Proto-Indo-European *per-/pr-


  1. Before, in front of, pro-
    fōrecwide "introduction, heading; prophecy"
    fōremanian "to forewarn, admonish"
    fōremǣrlīċ "eminent, foreboding"
    fōrerīm "prologue"
    fōrecnēoris "progeny"
    fōrefrēfrend "proconsul"
    fōrecostigan "to profane"
    fōreġehāt "vow"
    fōremearcung "title, chapter"
  2. first, prime, occupying a prominent position
    fōreseld "first seat"
  3. very, supremely, foremost
    foremaniġ "very many"
    foremihtiġ "most mighty"

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