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definition of the word force

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appeared spoke strange #463: force character taking information

From Old French force, from Late Latin fortia, from neuter plural of Latin fortis (strong)


countable and uncountable; forces

force (countable and uncountable; plural forces)

  1. (uncountable) Anything that is able to make a big change in a person or thing.
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  1. (uncountable, physics) A physical quantity that denotes ability to push, pull, twist or accelerate a body and is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass × distance/time² (ML/T²): SI: newton (N); CGS: dyne (dyn)
  2. (countable) A group that aims to attack, control, or constrain.
    police force
  3. (uncountable) The ability to attack, control, or constrain.
    show of force
  4. (countable) A magic trick in which the outcome is known to the magician beforehand, especially one involving the apparent free choice of a card by another person.
  5. A fictional semi-sentient phenomenon that certain individuals can call upon for assistance in the Star Wars stories. See also Force.
    • May the force be with you.
  6. (law) Legal validity.
    • The law will come into force in January.
  7. (law) Either unlawful violence, as in a "forced entry", or lawful compulsion.
  8. (countable, in Northern England) A waterfall or cascade

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