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definition of the word flat

by the Wiktionnary

From Old Norse[1] flatr (Danish flad), akin to German Flöz (geological layer), Sanskrit प्रत्हस् (extension)[2].

flat (comparative flatter, superlative flattest)




  1. Having no variations in altitude.
    The land around here is flat.
  2. (of a tire or other inflated object) Deflated, especially because of a puncture.
  3. (music, note) Lowered by one semitone.
  4. (music) Of a note or voice, lower in pitch than it should be.
  5. (music, voice) Without variations in pitch.
  6. Of a carbonated drink, with all or most of its carbon dioxide having come out of solution so that the drink no longer fizzes or contains any bubbles.
  7. Uninteresting.
    The party was a bit flat.
  8. (wine) Lacking acidity without being sweet.
  9. Absolute.
    His claim was in flat contradiction to experimental results.
    I'm not going to the party and that's flat.

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