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definition of the word father

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From Middle English fader < Old English fæder < Proto-Germanic *fader < Proto-Indo-European *ph₂tḗr. Cognates include Mycenaean Greek 𐀞𐀳 (pa-te) (Greek πατήρ) (patḗr), Latin pater, Spanish padre, French père, Persian پدر (pedar), Sanskrit पितृ (pitr), Icelandic faðir, Dutch vader and German Vater.



father (plural fathers)

  1. A male who sires (and often raises) a child.
    My father was a strong influence on me.
  2. A term of address for an elderly man.
    Come, father; you can sit here.
  3. A term of address for a Christian priest.
    Father Brown was the hero of the Chesterton mysteries.
  4. A person who plays the role of a father in some way.
    My brother was a father to me after my parents got divorced.
    The child is father to the man.
  5. The founder of a discipline or science.
    Albert Einstein is the father of modern physics.

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