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definition of the word fainthearted

by the Wiktionnary

fainthearted (comparative more fainthearted, superlative most fainthearted)


more fainthearted

most fainthearted

  1. Faint of heart; irresolute; fearful.
    • 1719: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe [1]
      Upon this, our guide, who, by the way, was but a fainthearted fellow, bid us keep in a ready posture, for he believed there were more wolves a-coming. We kept our arms ready, and our eyes about us...
    • 1866: Louisa May Alcott, Behind a Mask: or, A Woman's Power [2]
      "Fainthearted knight! You should have stayed and covered my retreat. Hark! they are coming! Hide! Hide!" she panted, half in fear, half in merriment, as the gay pursuers rapidly drew nearer.

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