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definition of the word eu

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See also Eu, EU, and .eu


eu m (f eue, m plural eus, f plural eues)

  1. Past participle of avoir.

From Latin ego.

eu nominative (oblique min, dative me, accusative me)

  1. I (singular first-person personal pronoun)

Portuguese personal pronouns (edit)
Number Person Subject Accusative case
(direct object)
Dative case
(indirect object)
Singular First eu me mim
Second tu te ti
Third ele, ela lhe, o, a, se ele, ela, si
Plural First nós nos nós
Second vós vos vós
Third eles, elas lhes, os, as, se eles, elas, si

Latin ego


  1. I

Latin ego

  • IPA: [jew] or [jo]

eu (first-person singular)

  1. I

stressed unstressed
Singular Plural
m. & n. f. m. f. & n.
meu mea mei mele
stressed unstressed
mie îmi
Accusative Dative
stressed unstressed stressed unstressed
mine mie îmi

eu n. (plural euri)

  1. ego

  • IPA: /i/; /əi/


  1. their (plural)

The pronunciation /əi/ is found mainly in careful speech. Because eu is homonymic with ei, meaning "his" or "her", nhw is often added after the noun. After vowels, eu is written as ’i.

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