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definition of the word effect

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road husband blockquote #552: effect wanted probably especially

For noun: From Old French effect (French: effet), from Latin effectus < efficere (to bring to pass, accomplish, complete, effect), pp. effectus; see effect as a verb.

For verb: From Latin effectus, pp. of efficere (to bring to pass, accomplish, complete, do, effect) < ex (out) + facere (to fo); see fact and cf. affect, infect.



effect (plural effects)

  1. The result or outcome of a cause. See usage notes below.
    The effect of the hurricane was a devastated landscape.
  2. (filmology) An illusion produced by technical means (as in "special effect")
    The effect of flying was most convincing.
  3. (sound engineering) An alteration in sound after it has been produced by an instrument.
    I use an echo effect here to make the sound more mysterious.
  4. (sound engineering) A device for producing an alteration in sound produced by an instrument.
    I just bought a couple of great effects.
  5. The state of being binding and enforceable, as in a rule, policy, or law.
    The new law will come into effect on the first day of next year.
  6. (usually plural) Belongings, usually as personal effects.

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