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definition of the word down

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much after first #97: down good never shall

down (incomparable and comparable), (comparative farther down, superlative farthest down)

  1. (comparable) From a higher position to a lower one; downwards.
    • The cat jumped down from the table.
    • His place is farther down the road.
  2. South (as south is at the bottom of typical maps).
    • I went down to Miami for a conference.
  3. (Hiberno English) Away from the city (even if the location is to the North).
    • He went down to Cavan. Down on the farm. Down country.
  4. Into a state of non-operation.
    • The computer has been shut down.
    • They closed the shop down.
  5. (rail transport) Traditional term for the direction leading away from the principal terminus, away from milepost zero.

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