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A door.

From Middle English dor < Old English duru (door), dor (gate) < Proto-Germanic *dur- < Proto-Indo-European *dʰwer-, *dʰwor- (doorway, door, gate). Cognates include Gothic 𐌳𐌰𐌿𐍂 (daúr), Danish dør, German Tür ( < Old High German turi), Icelandic dyr ( < Old Norse dyrr), Latin foris, Modern Greek θύρα (thýra) ( < Ancient Greek θύρα (thura)), Persian در (dar), and Russian дверь (dver’).

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door (plural doors)

  1. A portal of entry into a building or room, consisting of a rigid plane movable on a hinge. Doors are frequently made of wood or metal. May have a handle to help open and close, a latch to hold the door closed, and a lock that ensures the door cannot be opened without the key.
    I knocked on the vice president's door
  2. An non-physical entry into the next world, a particular feeling, a company, etc.
    Keep a door on your anger.

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