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definition of the word dico

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Informal abbreviation of dictionnaire.

dico m. (plural dicos)

  1. (informal) dictionnaire
    J'adore c'dico! i.e. J'adore ce dictionnaire (I love this dictionary).


  1. first person singular present tense of dire

  • IPA: /ˈdiː.koː/

present active dīcō, present infinitive dīcere, perfect active dīxī, supine dictum.

  1. I say, speak, talk.
    Dixit duas res ei rubori fuisse.
    He said that two things had abashed him.
  2. I affirm, declare, state.
  3. I tell, call.

  • IPA: /ˈdi.koː/

present active dicō, present infinitive dicāre, perfect active dicāvī, supine dicātum.

  1. I dedicate, devote.
  2. I consecrate, set apart.

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