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definition of the word deu

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See also déu, Deu, and Déu


From Latin decem.

Catalan cardinal numbers
 <  9 10 11   > 
    Cardinal : deu
    Ordinal : desè
    Multiplier : dècuple
Catalan Wikipedia article on deu

deu m. and f. adj. and m. sg. noun (masculine plural noun deus)

  1. (cardinal) ten

Catalan cardinal numbers may be used as masculine or feminine adjectives. When used as a noun, Catalan cardinal numbers are treated as masculine singular nouns in most contexts. An exception occurs in certain expressions involving time such as la una i trenta (1:30) or les dues (two o'clock) where the feminine noun hora (pl. hores) has been elided.


  1. third-person singular preterite indicative of dar.


  1. Contraction of de + lo

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