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definition of the word demeanor

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countable and uncountable; plural demeanors

demeanor (countable and uncountable; plural demeanors)

  1. The outward way in which a person behaves, especially towards others.
    That man's demeanor marked him down as a criminal.
    A good demeanor is crucial for success.
    • a. 1587, Raphael Holinshed quoting Strabo, Historie of England[1], Book III:
      At this present (saith he) certeine princes of Britaine, procuring by ambassadors and dutifull demeanors the amitie of the emperour Augustus, haue offered in the capitoll vnto the gods presents or gifts, and haue ordeined the whole Ile in a manner to be appertinent, proper, and familiar to the Romans.
    • 1993, “Interrogation: The Kinesics Technique”, in John J. Fay ed., Encyclopedia of Security Management[2], ISBN 0750696605, page 418:
      Demeanors that are apologetic and overly polite are inherently contradictory to demeanors that exhibit fear and anger.

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