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definition of the word dedo

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From Latin digitus.

dedo m. (plural dedos)

  1. digit, finger, toe

From +  (give).

present active dēdō, present infinitive dēdere, perfect active dēdidī, supine dēditum.

  1. (transitive) I hand over, surrender, give up, consign.
  2. I devote, dedicate.

dedo m (dedos)

  1. finger

dedo m., dedovia pl.
ded stem
dedami ins pl
declension pattern chlap
  1. old man
  2. grandfather
    Dedo MrázGrandfather Frost (inspired by the Russian Дед Мороз, a nonreligious variation of Santa)

From Latin digitus.

  • IPA: /ˈde.ðo/

dedo m. (plural dedos)

  1. finger, toe, digit

Spanish does not differentiate between fingers and toes. To disambiguate, you may use dedo de pie or dedo de mano.


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