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definition of the word cornu

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  • IPA: /kɔʁ.ny/

cornu m. (f. cornue, m. plural cornus, f. plural cornues)

  1. horned

cornua caprī (horns of a goat)

Proto-Indo-European *ḱoru and *ḱr̥-no-, from *ḱer- "horn". Cognates include English horn.

cornū (genitive cornūs); n, fourth declension

  1. a horn, antler
  2. a tusk
  3. the horns of the moon
  4. am arm or wing of an army
  5. (music) a horn as a musical instrument
  6. any substance like the material of a horn, such as the bill of a bird
  7. the end of a book or scroll, usually made of ivory
  8. (figuratively) power, strength, might

Number Singular Plural
nominative cornū cornua
genitive cornūs cornuum
dative cornū cornibus
accusative cornū cornua
ablative cornū cornibus
vocative cornū cornua

  • cornu” in Charlton T. Lewis & Charles Short (1879), A Latin Dictionary (Oxford: Clarendon Press)

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