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definition of the word corner

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Old French corniere (cornier), Late Latin cornerium (corneria), from Latin cornu (horn, end, point). See horn.



corner (plural corners)

  1. The point where two converging lines meet; an angle, either external or internal.
    The corners of the wire mesh were reinforced with little blobs of solder.
  2. The space in the angle between converging lines or walls which meet in a point.
    The chimney corner was full of cobwebs.
  3. The projection into space of an angle in a solid object.
    Herbert bruised his shin on the corner of the coffee table.
  4. An intersection of two streets; any of the four outer points off the street at that intersection.
    The liquor store on the corner also sold lottery tickets.
  5. An edge or extremity; the part farthest from the center; hence, any quarter or part, or the direction in which it lies.
    From the four corners of the earth they come. — Shakespeare
  6. A secret or secluded place; a remote or out of the way place; a nook.
    On weekends, Emily liked to find a quiet corner and curl up with a good book.
  7. (economics) A monopoly or controlling interest in a salable commodity, allowing the controlling party to dictate terms of sale.
    In the 1970's, private investors tried to obtain a corner on the silver market, but were ultimately unsuccessful.
  8. (baseball) One of the four vertices of the strike zone.
    The pitch was just off the corner, low and outside.
  9. (soccer) A corner kick.
  10. (mathematics) A point at which a function has two distinct derivatives.

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