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definition of the word company

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Old French compaignie (French: compagnie), possibly from Late Latin *compania, but this word is not attested.



company (plural companies)

  1. A group of individuals with a common purpose, as in a company of actors.
  2. In legal context, an entity that manufactures or sells products (also known as goods), or provides services as a commercial venture. A corporation.
  3. In non-legal context, any business, without respect to incorporation.
  4. Social visitors.
    • Keep the house clean, I have company coming.
  5. companionship
    • I treasure your company.
  6. A military unit, typically consisting of two or three platoons.
    • The Boys in Company C.
  7. A unit of firefighters and their equipment.
    • It took six companies to put out the fire.
  8. (nautical) The entire crew of a ship.
  9. (idiomatic) Nickname for an intelligence service.
    • As he had worked for the CIA for over 30 years, he would soon take retirement from the company.

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