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definition of the word cold

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Old English cald, the Anglian form of West Saxon ċeald, from Proto-Germanic *kaldoz, a participle form of *kal- (cold). Cognate with West Frisian kâd, Dutch koud, German kalt, Swedish kall, Danish kold.

cold (comparative colder, superlative coldest)




  1. (of a thing) Having a low temperature.
    A cold wind whistled through the trees.
  2. (of the weather) Causing the air to be cold.
    The forecast is that it will be very cold today.
  3. (of a person or animal) Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort.
    She was so cold she was shivering.
  4. Unfriendly, emotionally distant or unfeeling.
    She shot me a cold glance before turning her back.
  5. Completely unprepared; without introduction.
    He was assigned cold calls for the first three months.
  6. Deprived of the metaphorical heat associated with life or consciousness
    I knocked him out cold.

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