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definition of the word cinema

by the Wiktionnary

From French cinéma, shortening of cinématographe (term coined by the Lumière brothers in the 1890s) < Ancient Greek κίνημα (kinēma) "movement"


countable and uncountable; cinemas

cinema (countable and uncountable; plural cinemas)

  1. (countable) a film
  2. (countable) a movie theatre
    The cinema is right across the street from the restaurant.
  3. (filmology, uncountable) film or movies as a group
    Despite the critics, he produced excellent cinema.
  4. (filmology, uncountable) the film and movie industry
    In the long history of Spanish cinema....
  5. (filmology, uncountable) the art of making films and movies
    Throughout the history of cinema, filmmakers....

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