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definition of the word cinch

by the Wiktionnary

Spanish cincha (a belt or girth)

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cinch (plural cinches)

  1. A simple saddle girth used in Mexico.
    • He found Andy morosely replacing some broken strands in his cinch, and he went straight at the mooted question. — B. M. Bower, The Flying U's Last Stand
  2. (informal) Something that is very easy to do.
    No problem ... it's a cinch.
    • "We thought we had a cinch on getting out by way of this cord and so we followed that." — Major Archibald Lee Fletcher, Boy Scouts in the Coal Caverns
  3. (informal) A firm hold.
    • You've got the cinch on him. You could send him to quod, and I'd send him there as quick as lightning. I'd hang him, if I could, for what he done to Lil Sarnia. — Gilbert Parker, The World For Sale,

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